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I Do Love K-Pop {}

I liked K-Pop since i was in 7th grade , so it has been 6 year now. But , i just have 3 album (it’s all mini album actually). Because , at first i didn’t know anything about ‘how to buy an album’ and i finally know the way to buy it 2 years ago x)

2 BTOB’s album and 1 A Pink’s album.

A Pink’s album “SNOW PINK” – signed version!

and this is BTOB 1st Mini Album

also this .. new stuff ! BTOB 2nd Mini Album

although i just have 3 album , but I Do Love K-pop {}

see ya ~

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New Stuff ♥ BTOB “Press Play” mini album

This album recently arrived at my house when i was at school. This is 2nd Mini Album of BTOB. BTOB stand for “BORN TO BEAT” , a rookie boyband who debuted at 21 March 2012 (not long ago).

Here the picture of the album :

1. Front


2. Back


3. Inside


when it still in packed x3


and this is the photo album , also the photocard



what’s your opinion , mate ? ♥