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New Stuff ♥ Yang Yoseob’s First Mini Album “The First Collage”

Tuesday , 25th December 2012 (Christmas) this year. I got a package from postman when I still asleep. Guess what? New Album again! This is like a gift from Santa for me because I success to be a good kid this year >.<


Sorry kidding , I’m a moslem so we don’t believe in Santa. Sorry fellas. Okay , this time is Yang Yoseob (of BEAST)’s First Solo Mini Album. The title is “The First Collage”. This mini album contain 5 tracks , they’re :

1. Look At Me

2. 카 페 인  (Feat. Junhyung of BEAST)  – this is the title track

3. 하 던 대 로 해

4. 그 래 도 나 는

5. 그 대 는 모 르 죠


Camera 360


this is inside the album

Camera 360


This is the photobook

Camera 360


and this is the CD

Camera 360


when you look at the back of the album :

Camera 360



so , this is the BONUS! A Photocard

Camera 360 Camera 360


yeah , that’s it. I hope i can purchase more album in 2013 😀  Thank you fellas! xoxo

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I Do Love K-Pop {}

I liked K-Pop since i was in 7th grade , so it has been 6 year now. But , i just have 3 album (it’s all mini album actually). Because , at first i didn’t know anything about ‘how to buy an album’ and i finally know the way to buy it 2 years ago x)

2 BTOB’s album and 1 A Pink’s album.

A Pink’s album “SNOW PINK” – signed version!

and this is BTOB 1st Mini Album

also this .. new stuff ! BTOB 2nd Mini Album

although i just have 3 album , but I Do Love K-pop {}

see ya ~

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New Stuff ♥ BTOB “Press Play” mini album

This album recently arrived at my house when i was at school. This is 2nd Mini Album of BTOB. BTOB stand for “BORN TO BEAT” , a rookie boyband who debuted at 21 March 2012 (not long ago).

Here the picture of the album :

1. Front


2. Back


3. Inside


when it still in packed x3


and this is the photo album , also the photocard



what’s your opinion , mate ? ♥

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A Pink Malang (Fanbase of Pink Panda)

Ever heard a group named A Pink ? Yeah , here they are :


7 beautiful girl under 1 name , A Pink. ‘A’ stand for their Entertainment named “A CUBE” and Pink stand for “GIRL” , because they’re all girl so the staff decided to name the girls with A Pink.


This is A Pink Entertainment’s Logo :


At 11.57 a.m , 7 September 2011 (over a year now ^^)  is the exact time that Pink Panda (fans of A Pink) in Malang , East Java , Indonesia was born. The story began when i want A Pink has a official fan base in Malang , so Pink Panda all over Malang can join with me. It was a prank at the first time , because i didn’t know anything about FANS CLUB -_-

You know what? Many people join with me , now it over 100 people now! Yeah it only Malang , i didn’t know in other city. Maybe when Pink Panda all over Indonesia unite , we can make a marching band xD


This is our logo , what’s your opinion?






so , if you’re a Pink Panda and live in Malang (especially) please come and join us c:  we will have a FLASHMOB  in 11th November 2012 in Car Free Day Ijen. Don’t Miss it , mate.

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Lunafly -rookie band-


Lunafly Logo

Member :

1. Sam Carter (Half British and Half Korean)

Birth : October 14, 1987

Height: 179cm

Position: Leader, Singer, Guitarist

Skills: Composing

-He auditioned in MBC’s Star Audition 2: Birth of a Great Star

-Performed a duet song with popular youtuber Megan Lee

check it out here :

2. Teo

Birth: December 7, 1993
Height: 185cm
Position: Singer, Drummer, Pianist
Skills: Piano, Bass, Percussion and Composing

3. Yun (Han Seung Yun)

Birth: January 14, 1994
Height: 179cm
Position: Singer, Guitarist, Maknae
Skills: Composing, being Lay’s doppleganger

Their song are :

1. Super Hero [Self Composing]

check out the video clip :

2. How Nice Would It Be (얼마나 좋을까)

check out the video clip :

3. One More Step

check out the audio :

4. What’s Your Name (니 이름이 뭐니)

check out the audio :

Let’s cheer up for them , mate. They really did a good job with that song :’)