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The Last Goodbye

I used to love you so much
Even when the sky turns dark, i still love you
But not anymore
I stop to love you today, November 19th 2014

Can’t get enough space to breath when i saw you back then
But now i feel so much free after i draw myself away from you
I already know that God did all of this, because He thinks that i am not qualified to be yours and you are not qualified to be mine
Now, i have to thank him for doing that

You’ve been avoiding me since last semester
You know i’m not that type of girl who can hide my feeling so well
I want to smash you on your face right away but it’s not appropriate for a girl to do that
Gee, I’m mad at you right now

Your attitude today really make me realize that you don’t have any feeling for me
That i’m just the one who want this one-sided love to be answered
You see, i was standing beside you and you don’t say hi even for a second
You don’t turn your head even for a minute

Am I not worth your time even for a second? Really?
So if you act like this, we can’t be friend until forever?
You seems gentle but your act doesn’t show it at all, 10

10, your initial? I will not use it anymore
Thank you for making my life beautiful like a heaven and rough like a hell
Thank you for being a mood booster and a mood breaker
Thank you for being my pain and my medicine


from a stranger,




Standing still

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