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[MV] Younha – “What Does My Heart Become”

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Thank you so much

Can you realize how many time I spend just to move on from you?
Can you imagine how hard i try to get away from your shadow?
I struggled until i realize, god set this for us
There is no other way to make you notice me again like i did back then when we’re just a newbie in university
My heart hurts so badly you know
I never imagine that my feeling to you is this big

You know, i want to meet you so badly
You know, i want to hug you so badly when the world keep pushing me away from you
and you know, i want to make you stay so badly because I don’t want to lose anyone again
But, i don’t have the power to make that happen

Why the world has to do this to me?
You see, i love you but this was because my heart choose you against my own will
i have to admit that you’re not that kind of handsome, all of men i have loved they’re all handsome
But you? I admit that you’re kind of sweet and gentle and interesting man, but you’re not that handsome
So, i was amazed that i can fall in love with you ❤

10, that's your alphabetical first name.
I love you just the way you're
Nice, kind, gentle, sweet, interesting and mysterious at the same time
but, the fairytale never come to me like everybody else did

We're a strangers now
You never meet me and I never meet you even we come to the same university
If i met one of your friend, i always try to ask about your presence
But i guess you never do the same because it is a one sided love

Thanks by the way for your kindness to me even i was a handicapped girl temporarily back then (i got a fracture in my right hand)
you help me when we're doing a test and talk to me like i am an ordinary girl
You always smile when we meet back then and that's always make my day
Thank you 10 for everything you did for me even you never like me same as I like you

anyway thank you so much ❤

BEST REGARDS, your pal