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Heads up!

Heads up!

Rise and Shine

Get up and Start running

We are about to begin


The adventure is coming

The wait is over

The challenge is thrilling

The chance is only here once


Jump into another life

Fly to the space

Swing to the future

Drive to a place where you can be creative


make an art

make yourself success

make your parents proud

and last, make someone realize that you do exist, you do worth to fight for



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I tried

Geez, always want to erase you

but my heart skipped like crazy

you, i never be able to move on

me, you make my life ruined


step forward or backward?

both side make me suffer

back to you, someone who never want me

forward to future, forget about you and everything that happens in the past


hey, i tried

run away from this

take off from reality

fantasy ain’t a choice right now


my brain keep thinking about you

my heart still beating hardly for you

Why i can’t stop?

I’m tired, tired of waiting and crying because of you