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Going to WBL (late post)

Last holiday , i went to WBL or many people call it “Wisata Bahari Lamongan”. As always , i went there with my father , brothers and my mother. We went there by a car , but when we arrived WBL was full. Of course that shocked us , so we decided to go to Tuban.

We stayed at Tuban 1 night , the hotel in Tuban was very cheap. It is just Rp 150.000,- per nett and that was the expensive one xD

The next day , we check out from the hotel and go straight to WBL , my little brother worried it will be full again. But , fortunately WBL was desolate. Yay!

So , Welcome to Wisata Bahari Lamongan guys!

Camera 360 Camera 360

Camera 360

that is a statue that will welcoming you  when you enter Wisata Bahari Lamongan. I didn’t take many picture because my phone’s battery was low , so sad.

This is my 4th times went to this place , so i’m not really excited -_- my brother took a ride with my father by a go kart. They went into a race 🙂

Camera 360 Camera 360


while waiting , my mother playing with her phone and i got this picture xD

Camera 360


after that , we went to the beach and i took this 2 picture

Camera 360 Camera 360


but then i saw a vehicle called drop zone , so my family decided to postpone the beach and ride this vehicle

Camera 360

this is my brother while we’re waiting our turn and this is my last picture.


My family , went home and after charging my battery at home , i took this picture

Camera 360

that is WBL’s bracelet and a sign when you want to ride a vehicle. Did you enjoy our journey? Okay , see you in another time fellas {}



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