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Going to WBL (late post)

Last holiday , i went to WBL or many people call it “Wisata Bahari Lamongan”. As always , i went there with my father , brothers and my mother. We went there by a car , but when we arrived WBL was full. Of course that shocked us , so we decided to go to Tuban.

We stayed at Tuban 1 night , the hotel in Tuban was very cheap. It is just Rp 150.000,- per nett and that was the expensive one xD

The next day , we check out from the hotel and go straight to WBL , my little brother worried it will be full again. But , fortunately WBL was desolate. Yay!

So , Welcome to Wisata Bahari Lamongan guys!

Camera 360 Camera 360

Camera 360

that is a statue that will welcoming you  when you enter Wisata Bahari Lamongan. I didn’t take many picture because my phone’s battery was low , so sad.

This is my 4th times went to this place , so i’m not really excited -_- my brother took a ride with my father by a go kart. They went into a race 🙂

Camera 360 Camera 360


while waiting , my mother playing with her phone and i got this picture xD

Camera 360


after that , we went to the beach and i took this 2 picture

Camera 360 Camera 360


but then i saw a vehicle called drop zone , so my family decided to postpone the beach and ride this vehicle

Camera 360

this is my brother while we’re waiting our turn and this is my last picture.


My family , went home and after charging my battery at home , i took this picture

Camera 360

that is WBL’s bracelet and a sign when you want to ride a vehicle. Did you enjoy our journey? Okay , see you in another time fellas {}

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Going to Uncle’s House (late post)

Imagethis is my cousin , name Prima Putra

I went to my uncle house to have fun , yeah and i don’t know what i’m doing so i’m taking a picture and this is so absurd -_-



after i took this picture , my mother want to try too



i take this picture but my father doesn’t know about it ._.



so , you all know that i have 2 brothers , but this picture is just one , because the other one was sleeping in Prima’s room



okay , this is it. the ending – i will upload my journey to WBL later ♥ 

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No Title


Setiap langkah yang kau ambil kawan adalah sebuah harapan baru baginya


tidakkah kau mengerti?


jalan apapun yang kau tuju pada akhirnya akan berujung di satu tujuan


sadarlah semua ini milikmu


semua ini untukmu


dan semua ini hidupmu


bersyukurlah sampai tidak ada satu pun yang bisa kau syukuri




ya , mulai pagi menyapa sampai malam menidurkanmu


tidakkah kau bosan atas semua omong kosongmu?


Seolah-olah hanya kaulah pemilik alam semesta


Seolah-olah semua orang harus tunduk padamu


dan seolah-olah hidupnya hanya untuk menunggumu




Ingatkah kau atas semua yang dia perjuangkan?


Akankah kau menyadari itu?


Lihatlah , lihatlah lebih detail

dia menyayangimu , lalu kau?