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Lunafly -rookie band-


Lunafly Logo

Member :

1. Sam Carter (Half British and Half Korean)

Birth : October 14, 1987

Height: 179cm

Position: Leader, Singer, Guitarist

Skills: Composing

-He auditioned in MBC’s Star Audition 2: Birth of a Great Star

-Performed a duet song with popular youtuber Megan Lee

check it out here :

2. Teo

Birth: December 7, 1993
Height: 185cm
Position: Singer, Drummer, Pianist
Skills: Piano, Bass, Percussion and Composing

3. Yun (Han Seung Yun)

Birth: January 14, 1994
Height: 179cm
Position: Singer, Guitarist, Maknae
Skills: Composing, being Lay’s doppleganger

Their song are :

1. Super Hero [Self Composing]

check out the video clip :

2. How Nice Would It Be (얼마나 좋을까)

check out the video clip :

3. One More Step

check out the audio :

4. What’s Your Name (니 이름이 뭐니)

check out the audio :

Let’s cheer up for them , mate. They really did a good job with that song :’)



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