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Going to Madura with family




Last Holiday , I went to Madura with my family. We left Malang at 5 a.m and arrived in Madura at 8 a.m. Yeah , it takes too long because the street was jammed. Yeah , it was boring too. But , i brought my headphone and used it from Malang until Madura – after that my ear was in pain -_- haha


What we do in Madura ? Of course for breakfast , mate. We heard from many people that Bebek Sinjay is the most delicious food in Madura. So , we wanna try it.


When we arrived in Bebek Sinjay , it was full of people -_- oh gosh i didn’t believe it. The clock still ticking in 8 a.m but why the crowd had been arrived here! My dad decided to park the car and my mom searched for the seat. Finished to park the car , my father , I , and my 2 little brother joined my mother.

Thinking that the waiter didn’t come to us , so my father stand up and go to the cashier. “Pesen dulu mbak?”

“Iya pak , pesan disini lalu kita antar nanti.”

“Oke deh.” After paid the bill , my father back to the seat and we were waiting for the waiter. The funny thing is you can’t choose the part of the ‘Bebek’ because the owner thought it would be inhibits the waiter , oh and you can’t choose the drink! So you only have a tea in a bottle (called : Sosro) -_- annoying isn’t it? But , we still sat there and waited for our food.

Ta-Dah ! The Bebek came >.< I was so curious with the Bebek but you know what? It is so tiny .___. but it is good! Whoa ,  this is the reason why people would come again to ate this Bebek :’) Eh , wait a minute. The Bebek is good , but my family and I thought the ‘sambel’ wasn’t good enough. IDK why , you should try it when you come to Indonesia especially Madura in East Java.


After finishing our breakfast , we decided to comeback early to Malang. Because tomorrow My brother and I have to go to school [again]. So , we stop by at Surabaya to cool off ourselves yeah because is TOO HOT and we pray dhuhur.


this is my first little brother , he is handsome but a little rascal -_-



my second little brother 🙂 he is shy .___.



finally my father 😀 i don’t have my mother’s picture because she have a reunion with her college friends.


So this is it my journey , how ’bout yours?



Standing still

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