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How Creative They Are


Found this when i went to Yogyakarta at a village named Kasongan.






this was my favorite overall , abstract and colorful ❤ . This is the last picture , so traditional. Local people got inspiration from “AKSARA JAWA”


what do you think , mate ? This show HOW CREATIVE THEY ARE


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Fixing Phone

Last Sunday , my family and I went to Mall called MATOS “Malang Town Square” to fix my phone’s screen guard. While waiting , I decided to take some picture x)

and this the person who fixed my phone c:


Everything can be a theme for us to write isn’t it? {}

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I Do Love K-Pop {}

I liked K-Pop since i was in 7th grade , so it has been 6 year now. But , i just have 3 album (it’s all mini album actually). Because , at first i didn’t know anything about ‘how to buy an album’ and i finally know the way to buy it 2 years ago x)

2 BTOB’s album and 1 A Pink’s album.

A Pink’s album “SNOW PINK” – signed version!

and this is BTOB 1st Mini Album

also this .. new stuff ! BTOB 2nd Mini Album

although i just have 3 album , but I Do Love K-pop {}

see ya ~

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New Stuff ♥ BTOB “Press Play” mini album

This album recently arrived at my house when i was at school. This is 2nd Mini Album of BTOB. BTOB stand for “BORN TO BEAT” , a rookie boyband who debuted at 21 March 2012 (not long ago).

Here the picture of the album :

1. Front


2. Back


3. Inside


when it still in packed x3


and this is the photo album , also the photocard



what’s your opinion , mate ? ♥

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Going to Yogyakarta


Last Holiday (holiday when you going from 10th grade to 11th grade , something like that) , i went to Jogjakarta for the 3rd time in a year with my Family.

That is my dad , the person who drove the car. We went to Jogjakarta for 5 days. But , we only enjoyed Jogja for 3 days and 2 night. Because of the long distance between Malang and Jogja.

About the weather? Of course HOT -_- IDK why , my dad ever said it one time “We are the people who live in COLD city , should go vacation to HOT city.” whereas my brother and I allergic to HOT weather. Stupid isn’t it?

Are we tired of the journey? Of course we do.


Long distance? Never mind. So , what about damaged roads? Oh it’s really killing me.

but , Allah SWT gave us a beautiful scenery here {}

Subhanallah {}


okay and i found it from nowhere when i pass a street LOL-ing



so traditional :3


and now , this is our first breakfast at hotel


after breakfast , we went to Parangtritis beach

my mother ❤


my father {}


my beloved brother c:


with me {}


and this ..


after took some shoot , my brother decided to try ATV


for the other day , i didn’t have a chance to take some pic. sorry 😦 but i took a picture when we went back to hotel and go back to Malang x)



We went back to Malang , but we didn’t pass Solo but we went to Semarang and pass Pantura toll

before we cross the Pantura toll , we have to pass a forest first


some farmers was working their fields


and this is the picture when we rest in a gas station called Candi Pas (IDK either)


so , this is the end of my journey to Yogya. Stay tune for my other journey , mate.

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When The Teacher didn’t Show Up

Today , my teacher couldn’t come to my class because she has a business to take care of. So , i will tell you what happen in my class ‘when the teacher didn’t show up’ :

1. Reading a Novel


2. Make a pose


3. Take over the Camera


5. Play with Notebook


6. Studying and then … Sleep (begin with S and end with S)



You know it right , mate? Students always like 3 things about school : Free time , Rest time , and Go Home .. kekeke


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A Pink Malang (Fanbase of Pink Panda)

Ever heard a group named A Pink ? Yeah , here they are :


7 beautiful girl under 1 name , A Pink. ‘A’ stand for their Entertainment named “A CUBE” and Pink stand for “GIRL” , because they’re all girl so the staff decided to name the girls with A Pink.


This is A Pink Entertainment’s Logo :


At 11.57 a.m , 7 September 2011 (over a year now ^^)  is the exact time that Pink Panda (fans of A Pink) in Malang , East Java , Indonesia was born. The story began when i want A Pink has a official fan base in Malang , so Pink Panda all over Malang can join with me. It was a prank at the first time , because i didn’t know anything about FANS CLUB -_-

You know what? Many people join with me , now it over 100 people now! Yeah it only Malang , i didn’t know in other city. Maybe when Pink Panda all over Indonesia unite , we can make a marching band xD


This is our logo , what’s your opinion?






so , if you’re a Pink Panda and live in Malang (especially) please come and join us c:  we will have a FLASHMOB  in 11th November 2012 in Car Free Day Ijen. Don’t Miss it , mate.